NCSU GeoForAll Lab
NCSU OSGeo Research and Education Laboratory

Multidimensional geovisualization in GRASS GIS

Visualization of solar radiation on Centennial Campus during winter solstice

Simulation of solar radiation during winter solstice computed for Centennial Campus at NCSU. DEM is interpolated from lidar data, solar radiation is computed with GRASS GIS addon module r.sun.hourly and the animation is created by GRASS GIS Animation Tool.

Jockey's Ridge terrain evolution

Jockey's Ridge digital terrain model time series: slope (left) and elevation (right). Created with the GRASS GIS Animation Tool.

270° high resolution 3D visualization

GRASS GIS 3D visualization of Centennial Campus, Jockey's Ridge and part of the Outer Banks (Avon) on 16384 x 1200 screen in Teaching and Visualization Lab in Hunt Library.

Interactive soil moisture visualization

Animation of soil moisture changes
Soil moisture percentage data visualized as a 3D raster with GRASS GIS Animation Tool.
Soil moisture percentage data visualized as a 3D raster using Tangible Landscape. On the model, we project the cross-section of the model surface with the 3D raster. Data was provided by Dr. Jeffery G. White, Department of Soil Science at NCSU.

Eye tracking data

Space-time cube visualization of eye tracking data collected from people trying to fing their way from one way to other on a campus map (