• Smart Cities

    For the first time in human history, over half of the world’s population lives in urbanizing regions, and this number is expected to only grow. Ongoing population growth and accelerating […]

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  • Sudden Oak Death landscape

    Pests & Pathogens

    We investigate the origins, transmission, and spatial pathways of infectious diseases in plants and animals and develop novel ways to map, track, and predict┬ádisease spread. Using these tools, we can […]

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What We Do

For any resource management challenge, making informed decisions requires knowing when and where things happen. Ross Meentemeyer and the interdisciplinary group of ecological, social, and computer scientists in his lab seek to make sense of changing landscapes. We integrate data across spatial scales and disciplinary boundaries to examine and visualize alternative futures.


Explore this site to learn more about our research areas, get to know our current and past lab members, and read the latest updates.