NCSU GeoForAll Lab
NCSU OSGeo Research and Education Laboratory

NCSU GeoForAll Lab

The NCSU GeoForAll Lab (formerly NCSU OSGeoREL) is located at the North Carolina State University, Center for Geospatial Analytics in Raleigh, NC, USA. We are part of the worldwide network of GeoForAll research and educational laboratories established by OSGeo, ICA, and other organizations following the motto geo for all. As one of the founding laboratories we are the central node for North America.

Our mission is to develop collaboration opportunities for academic, industrial, and government organizations in free and open source GIS software and data.

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Offered courses

Through our GIST program we offer interdisciplinary, graduate level courses on geospatial analysis and modeling. Students are taught the fundamentals and methods in a software independent way by using both open source and proprietary tools. Go to courses and find out more.


Faculty and research associates:
Helena Mitasova, Laura Tateosian, Ross K. Meentemeyer
Research staff:
Anna Petrasova, Vaclav (Vashek) Petras, Justyna Jeziorska
Graduate students and visiting scholars:
Caitlin Haedrich, Megan Coffer, Corey White, William Reckling, Garrett Millar, Kellyn Montgomery, Nick Grokhowsky
Former graduate students and visiting scholars:
Payam Tabrizian, Keren Cepero-Perez, Brendan Harmon, Nathan J. Lyons, Eric Hardin, Katie Weaver, Margherita Di Leo, Brent Fogleman, Eva Stopkova, Paul J. Paris, Emily Russ
Alumni and external members:
Rob Parsons, Doug Newcomb
If you want to become a member of NCSU GeoForAll Lab or you feel as a part of it and you are not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Collaboration with research groups and OSGeo projects